Liturgical Ministeries

Church of St. Paul Ministers: interested ministers please contact Chris in the parish office at 507-232-3857

Church of St. Peter Ministers: interested ministers please contact Lena in the parish office 507-931-1628

June Schedule

July Schedule

In the readings, the table of God's Word is spread before the faithful, and the treasures of the Bible are opened to them. Lectors play an important role in proclaiming the word of God. Lectors are emailed the readings earlier in the week. Lectors need to arrive at Mass at least 15 minutes prior to Mass beginning. 

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
This is a ministry of bringing the sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ to the People of God. The ministry should, therefore, be treated with utmost dignity and reverence. Requirement of an EMHC: Baptized and Confirmed Catholic at least 18 years of age, they should be persons who sincerely try to live the Gospel message in their communal and individual lives, if they are married, the should be married in the Church, should faithfully participate in the Sunday Eucharist and with God's grace in every aspect of their lives, all new extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are to receive delegation from the Bishop and be commissioned. 

Mass Servers
the primary duty of an Altar Server is to assist the priest, as a representative of the people of the parish, in a visible manner, as the mystery of Calvary unfolds on the Altar. What an honor to serve our Lord a this most praiseworthy gift of love. All applicants must be baptized Catholics, typically no younger than in grades 4. They must have received their First Holy Communion, and are capable to receiving the Eucharist during any Mass they assist. 

Ushers are called to be Ministers of Hospitality. They are entrusted with promoting a sense of welcoming and belonging to all the faithful assembled for worship. They are the first point of contact for the communal celebration of the Liturgy and because of this, should take special steps in being living representatives of the Parish Mission Statement. 

Prepare the sanctuary and other details prior to Mass.