Confession Schedule

Reconciliation (Confession) Offerings

Weekday Saturday Sunday

Tuesday-Friday at 7:45am

  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in St. Peter
  • Wednesday in Nicollet

Thursday at 3:30pm in St. Peter

9:00am in St. Peter

3:00pm in St. Peter

7:30am in Nicollet

9:40am in St. Peter

Confession is held in the Chapel Confessional at the Church of St. Peter, St. Peter and in the Confessional in the Church of St. Paul, Nicollet.

Available by appointment as well. Email Msgr. Doug Grams or call (507)931-1628 to set up a time. 

Questions about Reconciliation? Check out our Reconciliation/Confession Page. 

Please check the parish calendar for the most updated schedule.