1st Reconciliation

We are excited to journey with parents as you prepare your child for 1st Reconciliation. There are 6 lessons to complete with your child. Each lesson includes a video from Dynamic Catholic Blessed: First Reconciliation and a worksheet. Please complete the lessons before your child’s 1st Reconciliation.

If your child would like to watch more videos from the Blessed: First Communion Program, there are a total of 42 great videos available from Dynamic Catholic’s Website.

Lesson 1 – My Journey with God

Lesson 1 Worksheet

Lesson 1 Worksheet Key

Lesson 2 – From the Bible: Adam and Eve

Lesson 2 Worksheet

Lesson 2 Worksheet Key

Lesson 3 – Jesus’ Ministry

Lesson 3 Worksheet

Lesson 4 – What is Reconciliation?

Lesson 4 Worksheet

Lesson 5 – The Five Steps

Lesson 5 Worksheet

Lesson 5 Worksheet Key

Lesson 6 – The Power of Great Habits

Lesson 6 Worksheet